ALLIE SPIKES is a writer, editor, linguist, and translator living in the Seattle area, near a beach she has to illegally cross the train tracks to get to—that is, she lives a very dangerous and exciting life. She writes narrative nonfiction, memoir, and poetry about momming and Mormonism. 

Allie's personal essays and poems are forthcoming or have appeared in Bellingham Review, Gulf Coast, the Los Angeles Review, Literary MamaRiver Teeth, the Rumpus, and others. Her poetry collection Salty was a finalist for the 2022 BOA Editions, Ltd. A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize. She's a recipient of the 2020 Centrum Scholarship to the Port Townsend Writers Conference, and she was awarded Honorable Mention with partial funding for the 2019 Idyllwild Writers Week Fellowship in poetry. Her nonfiction has been a finalist for Boulevard's Emerging Writers Nonfiction Contest in 2021, Fourth Genre's Michael Steinberg Essay Contest in 2020, the Pinch's Nonfiction Contest in 2019, and elsewhere. She's a former managing editor and current consulting editor for Bellingham Review, and she serves as prose and poetry editor at Psaltery & Lyre. She's a copy editor for Orison Books, and a freelance book and dissertation editor.

She's currently transforming her concrete box of a garage into a party tabernacle. It's got a holy disco ball and everything.